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Beach & Shelling Trips

Little Hickory Island

Great shelling location without the long gulf run. Bring a lunch or we can stop at Hickory Grill on the 5 hour trip. Due to the shallow water we will be using our small boat "Miss Emilia".

3 hours - $495/charter

4 hours - $595/charter

5 hours - $695/charter

Cayo Costa (South)

At the tip of North Captiva we find Cayo Costa a hidden gem only accessible by boat or seaplane. A shellers paradise on the gulf side, and safe harbor on the bayside. Time permitting we can get tropical drinks or a quick bite at Mainstay on North Captiva on the return.

6 hours - $895/charter

7 hours - $995/charter

Bowmans Beach (Sanibel) or Turner Beach (Captiva)

Around the horn heading north are Bowmans Beach and Turner Beach  these are world renowned shelling places. Both state parks have restrooms. Bowmans has a picnic area with bbq grills. Note: alcohol is not permitted on the public beach.

4 hours - $675/charter

5 hours - $775/charter

Lovers Key

More sandy beach at these locations than shelling , pretty scenery and boat parade. We pass Flippers Restaurant and Fish Tale Restaurant on these trips if you wish to stop for a quick bite of tropical drink. Note that you can also choose New Pass Beach, also known as dog beach.

3 hours - $495/charter

4 hours - $595/charter

5 hours - $695/charter

Sanibel Light Beach

As we pass Bowditch , and out the pass you will sight Sanibel Light and the southern tip of Sanibel Island after a 15 crossing of San Carlos bay we will anchor up on the beach for some shelling and beach time. There is time for a visit to lighthouse and walking trails. Showers here as well. Note: alcohol is not permitted on the public beach.

4 hours - $625/charter

5 hours - $725/charter

Picnic Island

A remote island between Sanibel and Pine Island only accessible by boat, bring towels and a picnic lunch and have fun with the locals.

4.5 hours - $675/charter

Bowditch Point

The closest beach on our menu, we can dock the boat here or “beach” right off the sand on the bay side. Here you can swim off the boat and lounge around or walk to gulf side for shelling. Wonderful sights here of boat traffic through Matanzas pass all day long.

3.5 hours - $550/charter

4 hours - $605/charter

Beach & Shelling Reservations

To reserve a boat tour, fill out the form below and indicate a desired tour, date, and number of guests. We will immediately receive your information and get back to you within 1 hour to confirm. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you. Someone will contact you within 1 hour to confirm.

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